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The Women’s Foundation fosters collaborations that bring together local, regional and national resources for the benefit of local women and their children. Through our participation in various collaborations, we ensure the problems faced by women are at the center of efforts to improve their quality of life.

Tennessee Women’s Funds Alliance (TWFA)

The purpose of the TWFA is to work together on issues, initiatives and projects that can improve the lives of women, girls and families in TN through statewide collaborative efforts and coordination. Tennessee’s women’s funds share, among other things, a deep commitment to addressing issues of poverty and violence. We hold a common belief that women who are able to lift themselves from poverty benefit not only themselves, but their families, their communities, and the world. In the past two years, a specific issue of common interest has emerged, along with opportunities to powerfully address this issue, trafficking girls for sex in Tennessee.

TWFA Members

Partnership for Women’s Prosperity

The Wal-mart Foundation selected WFGM alongside five other women’s foundations – The Washington Area Women's Foundation, The New York Women's Foundation, Women's Fund of Mississippi, Women's Foundation of Minnesota, and Women's Funding Network to launch the Partnership for Women's Prosperity. The new national partnership will help economically vulnerable women gain financial and economic security through education, job training and employment opportunities.

Young Women's Initiative

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) joined forces during 2015 with a small group of women’s foundations to create Prosperity Together – an initiative that includes the vision of a future in which women are economically secure. A major purpose for Prosperity Together is the catalyzing of increased resources to improve the economic security of low-income women and girls.

Through a national partnership with Prosperity Together and the Ms. Foundation for Women, Memphis was selected to launch a Young Women’s Initiative (YWI). YWI-Memphis is a part of eight women’s foundations that are working together on key strategies, policy change, and advocacy to drive change for girls and young women in their communities and states.

The Memphis YWI is designed to determine the needs, best practices, policies, and research necessary to build the next generation of leadership and pathways to prosperity for young women and girls, specifically young women and girls of color ages 12-22 in our community.

The participating foundations include: Dallas Women’s Foundation, New York Women’s Foundation, Washington Area Women’s Foundation, Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, Women’s Foundation of California, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, and Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts. 

Our Mission



Elevating the Voices of Women’s Funds to Dismantle Poverty

The Women’s Economic Security Campaign (WESC) was formerly led by the Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis, the Chicago Foundation for Women, the Washington Area Women's Foundation, and the Women's Foundation of California. The organizations used the power and resources of women’s funds across the country to increase opportunity for low-income women and their families. They elevated the voices of women’s funds to ensure that the struggles poor women and their families face are at the center of efforts to fix our nation’s economy and create opportunity for all Americans.  See some of the research WESC accomplished here.

To learn about WESC and local efforts for the campaign, click here.