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About WFGM

For 22 years, The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) has played a major role as a backbone organization aligning people, resources, and coordinating community-based services through the two-generation approach to reduce poverty in Memphis. 


The mission of the Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis is to encourage philanthropy and foster leadership among women and support programs that enable women and children to reach their full potential.


The Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis is the agent for change committed to a community of well-being and prosperity, where women live in sufficiency, strength, and safety, sharing their leadership and empowering their children.


We practice stewardship of financial and human resources.
We value the leadership and contributions of women in our community.
We value racial, ethnic, economic, religious, educational, social status and gender diversity in our community.
We seek to understand the complexity and depth of the many barriers preventing many women from reaching and/or maintaining economic self-sufficiency.
We value the independence, self-reliance and interdependence of all women as they strive to reach and/or maintain economic self-sufficiency.


Since 1996, $18.2 million has been awarded to over 500 programs involving more than 100 local nonprofits, including investments in advocacy and research. With your help, we can continue to make Memphis a better place. Join our efforts to empower low-income women to become economically self-sufficient and to provide strong role models for their children. Click here for more about philanthropy. 


WFGM is led by a 35-member Board of Directors and a12-member Board of Trustees representing a cross section of philanthropists, business leaders, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Its 10-member full-time staff and over 150 volunteers serve under their leadership. The Women’s Foundation’s model of leadership influences multiple generations and creates powerful advancement opportunities for women and girls throughout Memphis.  Click here for more about leadership.


WFGM collaborates with 100s of local and national agencies to link public-private partnerships to make an impact on thousands of women and their families in the Greater Memphis Area each year. Through the power of collaboration, WFGM’s impact is widespread, producing outcomes that change lives. Click here for more about collaboration. 

The Women’s Foundation also works with local, state and national policy makers to ensure the voices of women in poverty are heard and that funding is provided to address their needs. WFGM also partners with these initiatives and organizations:

Research and Advocacy

WFGM supports research on issues that affect women in the greater Memphis area and then acts as a catalyst for strengthening the community by building on these research findings. Click here for more research and advocacy. 

Vision 2020


Announced in 2015, the overarching purpose of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan is to reduce poverty by five percent over five years in 38126, one of the poorest areas in the City of Memphis.The five goals of Vision 2020 revolve around:


  • case management and wrap around services
  • employment and career training
  • early childhood education
  • youth development
  • financial literacy

In April 2016 WFGM awarded its year one investment of over $1 million dollars to 22 grantee partner organizations to support programs provided in 38126 that advance the five goals.  In April 2017, WFGM announced the year-two investment of $1.2 million into zip code 38126 and 27 grantee partners. Click here for more about Vision 2020.