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Grantee Partners

To understand the issues of women and find answers, we collaborate with local and national agencies and link public-private partnerships. Learn more about our grantee partners and investment areas below. 

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Knowledge Quest. . . . $25,000
Family Stability Initiative (FSI) provides comprehensive case management and wraparound services to increase families’ ability to secure their basic needs. FSI advocates for policy changes around emergency assistance eligibility as well as supports the emergence and awareness of additional resources toward basic needs for families. FSI collaborates with various organizations to leverage expertise and resources in unduplicated fashion to equip families to obtain sustainable employment and reduce poverty through financial literacy, money management and acquiring of assets.

Urban Strategies, Inc.*. . . $50,000
Case Management and Wraparound Services supports participants through comprehensive family and individual assessments to identify barriers, make referrals for needed resources, and map long-term goals to progress toward economic self-sufficiency. Urban Strategies case managers’ aid participants in confidence building, life skills, and personal development of individual work plans to create pathways to success. *Funded by the Walmart Foundation

Metropolitan Interfaith Association (MIFA). . .$25,000
MIFA Emergency Services provides immediate assistance with rent, mortgage, and utility payment to keep families housed and prevent homelessness. Shelter placement and rapid rehousing services are provided to homeless families with the greatest need.


forkliftAdvance Memphis*. . .$50,000
Work Life Services serves adult residents of Foote Homes and the zip code 38126 community to acquire resources and skills to create a holistic, stepping-stone system as they move toward financial stability. Work Life is a comprehensive job readiness curriculum developed specially for the residents of 38126. Advance Memphis seeks to help residents in 38126 overcome roadblocks of poverty by helping women to achieve professional and educational goals, find jobs, succeed in the workplace, and move toward financial security.
*Funded by the Walmart Foundation

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis. . .  $33,100
Juice Plus Technical Training Center’s Job Seekers Program is a premier job training and development program for students ages 16-24. The purpose of the program is to ensure that students are ready to launch successful careers upon graduating from high school. The Job Seekers program offers paid job training,placement services and workforce development resulting in a pipeline to economic self-sufficiency and prosperity.

DeNeuville Learning Center*. . . $25,000
Educational Enrichment Support for Women and Children empowers women to improve their lives through education. The program advances job readiness through basic education, High School Equivalency achievement, literacy skills, career development and self-esteem building, leading to better employment opportunities, self-confidence and social and economic independence. The program will target women from the 38126 zip code as well as include educational enrichment activities and childcare services. *Funded by the Walmart Foundation.

HopeWorks, Inc.*. . . $25,000
Job Skills and Adult Education empowers people to become self-sufficient through job skills training and education to help them feel confident in their ability to find and keep living wage jobs. Adult education classes will be offered to provide preparation for taking the GED for students seeking to earn their high school diploma to increase chances of obtaining higher wage employment. This program also provides limited wraparound services in the form of bus passes, counseling and referrals to other community resources. *Funded by the Walmart Foundation.

Karat Place, Inc. . . $20,000
Reducing Poverty and Crime in 38126 Zip Code will provide comprehensive services to female residents of zip code 38126 in the criminal justice system to reduce homelessness, poverty and recidivism. The services rendered will include transitional housing, financial education, job readiness training, life skills and supportive services. The program aims to provide linkages to employment to break the cycle of poverty and crime as well as restore some social harmony and economic growth in zip code 38126.

Memphis Urban League, Inc. . . $30,000
Workforce and Economic Development (WED) provides career counseling, job readiness/soft skills, professional development and job placement assistance. WED offers workshops on Financial Literacy Made Easy, Entrepreneurship 101, How to Write a Business Plan and Real Talk. The aim of this program is to assist clients in establishing a path to secure living wage employment to become economically self-sufficient.

Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation*. . . $20,000
Machining, Welding, Women and Wealth will provide women training and multiple credentials to acquire living wage jobs with local employers. The program provides a career coach to assist students resume development and interviewing skills. *Funded by the Walmart Foundation

YWCA of Greater Memphis. . . $15,000
38126: The Mission will provide job training in traditional and non-traditional fields, job readiness training and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) classes. YWCA will offer classes in computer literacy, computer repair, financial literacy, forklifting, and warehousing. YWCA seeks to help reduce poverty in zip code 38126 by offering educational classes and training as a second chance to help individuals become self-sufficient.


IMG 3843Early Success Coalition. . .$25,000
38126 Nurturing Parent Pilot Project provides training to parents regarding family-centered approaches to parenting. Nurturing Parenting is a 10-week training course is available for parents to give them tools and resources to help their children have a good foundation to develop and grow. This program will provide a coordinated array of training services and a referral network to address the specific needs of individual caregivers and their children.

Memphis Library Foundation . . .15,000
Showtime at the Library will provide interactive programming to engage children and caregivers in fun and meaningful activities that meet the developmental needs of children ages birth to five to support kindergarten readiness. This program will expose children in zip code 38126 to arts programs and creative play for children.

Porter- Leath. . .14,600
Early Head Start-Renaissance will provide affordable and quality early childhood education services for children under age three in zip code 38126 and vital wraparound services for their families.

Neighborhood Christian Center, Inc. * . . . 25,000
38126 Initiative will train mothers and caregivers on how to properly care for their infants through the Nurturing Parenting curriculum and promote healthy brain development. This pilot program will provide community/health education to families with children 0-4 living in zip code 38126 to help prepare them for entrance into kindergarten. 38126 Initiative will work collaboratively with agencies, faith-based organizations and healthcare organizations to provide wraparound services to women and children.

The Exchange Club Family Center. . .$10,000
First STEPS (Skills to Ensure Parenting Success) Parent-Aid Program provides life skills education and mentoring for first-time teen mothers who are struggling in the areas of education, finances, peer relationships, parenting, and time management. Through the program, young mothers receive professional case management, one-on-one counseling, in-home aide support and educational classes in the areas of prenatal care, parenting skills, goal setting, budgeting and employment skills.


btwBooker T. Washington High . . .$12,500
Booker T. Washington Girls Basketball/Lady Warrior Exposure provides inner city, low-income, African-American teenage girls with opportunities to travel to various parts of the country to be exposed to different cultures and academic, as well economic, opportunities outside of the metro Memphis area. The main objectives include improving ACT scores by at least two points, and increasing the number of student athletes who successfully graduate from high school and who attend post-secondary institutions.

Emmanuel Center, Inc. . .$25,000
Emmanuel Academy After-School Program/Camp HOPE provides a safe and stimulating educational environment for youth in Kindergarten through 12th grade to help them achieve academic excellence after school and during the summer break. The focus is on youth development in the areas of education, healthy living and by providing a place to socialize with peers. Camp Hope has an educational theme of reading, science and math. The purpose of the program is to educate and empower youth by equipping them with skills to elevate themselves out of poverty.

Girls Incorporated of Memphis. . .$25,000
Girls Inc. Center-Based Programming equips girls ages 6-18 to achieve healthy lives, succeed academically and acquire skills to prepare them for adulthood. Center-based programming will be expanded into South Memphis 38126 zip code to provide programs with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for middle school girls to equip them for academic success and competitive employment in the future. The vision is to establish a permanent center to offer ongoing, sustained programming within the Foote Homes redevelopment project.

Girl Scouts Heart of the South . . .$10,000
38126 Girls Scouts Initiative (GSI) will offer expanded programs that promote values, team work, diversity, and community service to girls residing in zip code 38126. GSI will offer training to increase volunteer skill levels of women in area of courage, confidence and character to enable them to become stronger role models for young girls in their community. Girl Scouting will empower girls to change the cycle of poverty, violence, teen pregnancy and high school dropout rates in zip code 38126.

Memphis Inner City Rugby . . .$12,000
Soulsville Girls Development Project will provide academic and athletic opportunities traditionally unavailable to young women and students living in low-resources communities. This program develops leadership, respect, grit, and discipline alongside concrete rugby skills paired with yoga, though coaching, tutoring and mentoring.

Mustard Seed Inc. . . .$17,000
READY: Reinvigorating and Empowering African American Disadvantaged Youth will provide a summer enrichment program to enhance job readiness of youth who live in zip code 38126. This program will provide holistic and structured activities including sciences, mathematics and English review; soft skills job training; and health food preparation and nutrition training.

New Ballet Ensemble. . .$15,000
Creative Youth Development: Opening Doors to Dance will teach contemporary dance and Hip Hop to elementary and middle school youth in zip code 38126 with partnership with Streets Ministries. This program will inspire youth to build social skills, enhance educational outcomes and develop leadership.

Streets Ministries. . .$25,000
Pathways/Summer Institute provides mentors for middle school and high school students to provide them with accountability, support, and cultural exposure. Pathways participants receive academic support 1 hour daily after school. Summer Institute receive instruction from the Junior Achievement curriculum with lessons on banking, job readiness and business development.

U of M Research Foundation-Herff College of Engineering. . .$35,000
Girls Experiencing Engineering offers middle and high school girls an opportunity to increase their awareness and interest levels in the fields of mathematics, science and engineering. The program also broadens the impact of activities by providing middle and high school science and math teachers with new pedagogical methods and tools for use in their classrooms and to provide high school girls with leadership training and practice opportunities.

Vance Avenue Youth Development Center. . .$15,000
0Making a Better Change provides supportive services including tutoring, mentoring, after school, summer camp and nutrition programs for youth in zip code 38126.


RISE Foundation, Inc.* . . .$25,000
Save UP/Common Cents Program provides financial education to teach participants the proper way to manage money and the benefits of saving. SAVE Up offers Individual Development Accounts that provide matching funds to assist individuals with purchasing assets such as computers, homes, vehicles or to start a small business.
*Funded by the Walmart Foundation

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