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Meet a Donor

The donors and corporate partners of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis collectively stand behind the mission to empower women and their families to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Get to know our donors by clicking through the tabs.


"As I look to the future of the Women's Foundation, I see its home in Memphis but with a heart that serves women nationally and internationally. Ever since the Foundation was created 17 years ago, the women leaders at the helm have a legacy of moving the mission and work forward to greater grant-making, more leadership in improving the lives of women and children, and growing the Foundation's impact.


"With the committed and brilliant team of board members and staff, the Foundation has made quantum leaps in fundraising with greater outreach, an increased presence with strategic marketing and an expanded role with the Women's Economic Security Campaign. Together with the support of our stellar Board, our exceptional Foundation staff, and of course, all our friends, donors and volunteers, I know the Foundation's best years are in front of us."


Becky Jones West, President of WestRogers LLC, is a founding board member of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the Board and a member of the Change of Life Donor Circle. Becky has given 17 years of board service to the Women’s Foundation as a board member and donor. Her commitment to the organization is immeasurable and we are grateful for her commitment to the women and children of this community.



"I work in a male-dominated field and have always yearned for female role models. I have found the gold mine at Women’s Foundation – these women are wonderful, gifted and committed. Through my experience on the Annual Grants Committee I learned so many things that inspired me. The gift of giving … No matter how bad a day we having there are people in our community who face so many tremendous struggles. I am so grateful to be blessed to be in a position to give back. I learned each of us have something to give. Hope … With all that is happening in Memphis that may seem negative and saddening my volunteer experience exposed me to the amazing work being done quietly by the wonderful organizations we support through our grantmaking. I have hope for what we can achieve in our community."


Nisha Powers, President of Power Hill Design, LLC, has been a supporter of the Women’s Foundation since she attended the her first Annual Tribute Luncheon in 2010. She joined the Annual Grants Committee that same year and was passionate about being involved with an organization that truly makes a difference in this community. She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011 and serves on the Development and Grants committees.



"I am way too insignificant for such a title as Philanthropist. Most of us live and work as supporters of grand schemes, with our contributions of time and effort and money all feeding into a much larger stream - and, frankly, aware of the fact that our consensus as givers carries far more weight than any of the individual gifts. The seed of philanthropy and narrowing your focus to a feature of this world that you wish to improve, and joining with others in that effort. Together we help to realize human potential in our circles of influence, in our communities and in our world.


"Because understanding is critical to the effectiveness of our gifts, what a tremendous advantage the Women's Foundation provides for all of us - donors and recipients. The research is already lighting a path, like minds are gathering, momentum is growing, and already the recipients of Foundation support are emerging from their own difficulties to offer encouragement and assistance to others. Our wonderful feminine short-hand allows each of us to move into effective service the moment a need arises, and I am convinced that my money is busy from the moment it leaves my hand. There's so much to accomplish in family support and in educating our children, and the Women's Foundation is aimed straight at those targets."


Mary Bowen, President of the Madison Group, has been a supporter for many years and served on the Board of Directors from 2008-2011.



"My mother taught me at a very young age that success was not defined by what I have or what I've accomplished, but instead success is making a positive impact in the lives of others. I became involved with the Women's Foundation and specifically Young Women Philanthropists because working with a group of strong, influential women can impact a community much more than working alone. I've gained so much from working with WFGM and YWP as I have been exposed to numerous organizations that work diligently to improve the lives of those in our community and it has allowed me to connect with people in those organizations that share my passion for charity. The flexibility of working with YWP enables me to balance my philanthropic work with all of the other aspects of my life while knowing that our efforts as a group are meaningful. It is truly an honor to work with so many amazing women for the good of our community and honestly, it’s a lot of fun, too!"


Gina Myers, Wealth Adviser, United Capital Private Wealth Counseling, was asked in 2009 by a co-worker to help with the Youth Leadership Forum as a part of the Annual Tribute Luncheon and Symposium. She joined Young Women Philanthropists (YWP) that same year, and now serves as the Chair of YWP.