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There's a story we would like to share with you.

In Memphis, 76 percent of people living in poverty are women and children. For our community, this startling statistic means that the poverty rate among women and children is twice the national rate.

In the former Lamar Terrace and Dixie Homes public housing communities, most of the residents lived in poverty, unemployment rates were high, and only half of the residents had a high school diploma or GED. This is a story of HOPE.

Yolanda's Story of HOPE

Urban Strategies Memphis HOPE uses a two-generational approach to provide the support families need to become economically secure. Yolanda McGee is a single mother of four and a former public housing resident of 16 years whose only sources of income are disability and SNAP. Through US Memphis HOPE, Yolanda and her family have access to programs that address their individual and collective needs. Her eldest son Martavious participated in programs focused on leadership and career development, college readiness, mentoring, computer technology, life skills and financial literacy. The first in his family to attend college, he is a sophomore at the University of Memphis studying Hotel Hospitality Management. Yolanda was inspired by her son’s accomplishments and is now enrolled with the Memphis Literary Council to improve her reading skills and is taking GED classes to complete her high school equivalency exam.